Mission statement

The State Institute of Early Childhood Research (IFP) is a research institute of the free state of Bavaria. The IFP is responsible for the development of curricula, content and methods of education outside of schools. Above all this task entails early childhood research, the transfer of scientific findings and methods into practice and advising policy-makers.

Main research areas

It is the main task of the IFP to continuously advance early childhood education. This is why the IFP staff focus on applied research, evaluation research and implementation research. Research is driven by the purpose to provide high-quality services to professional practice and politics. The IFP is hence not a mere research institute but is characterized by its close ties to professional practice and politics and to other specialist institutions with similar focus.

The main tasks of the IFP entail:

  • research on early childhood education
  • transfer of scientific findings to early childhood education professional practice
  • advising policy-makers on national, federal and local levels
  • think tank – the IFP pushes forward innovations in early childhood education

These four main tasks are applied to the following areas:

  • curriculum development and refinement for early childhood education and care
  • quality and organizational development in childcare centres
  • development of educational networks between family, daycare and school
  • professionalization of educators and instructors in professional development
  • educational monitoring and education reports
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