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State Institute of Early Childhood Research (IFP)


The Bavarian Staatsinstitut für Frühpädagogik (State Institute of Early Childhood Research), Germany (IFP) is a research centre focusing on innovative projects in early childhood education, research into early learning, and knowledge transfer for practitioners and policy-makers. The IFP has strong links with other research institutes and specialist institutions at the national, European and international level. The main goals of the IFP are:

  • To conduct basic and applied research in the fields of developmental psychology and pedagogy, with particular reference to centre-based early childhood education and care,
  • To develop, evaluate and disseminate innovatory approaches in early childhood education and for work with children with special needs,
  • To develop strategies for promoting co-operation between kindergartens, families, schools and other facilities,
  • To develop and evaluate strategies for improving the initial education/training and continuing professional development of early years personnel.


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